Finnish Rock and Roll 6/3/2022 10:49:53 AM

IMG_1633_thumb.jpgWe have many times commented that food can be prepared without adding spinach and garlic everywhere, as the Nepalean kitchen usually cook their food.

To emphasize this, we decided to prepare a dinner for the whole camp yesterday. The “operation” gathered interest from the cooks of the nearby camps as well as the National Geographic. The raw materials were not perfect to start with, but our “sous-chef” was surprised to see all the plates empty very quickly. The Finnish cuisine did appeal well event to the international standards present here.


Our menu

The Starter:

Champignon soup, hard rye bread and eggbutter (Karelian spread made of butter and hard boiled eggs)

The main course:

Mashed potatoes, brown chicken sausage sauce, smoothened with ketchup

The Dessert:

Warm pineapple rings


The most important thing is that the wait is over. We will start our ascent tomorrow at 03:00 to try our guts. According to today’s information, we will try to reach the summit on 22nd of May. We plan to leave camp 4 the previous evening at 21:00. You can follow the climb via our Facebook-site. We will document our experiences in a diary after the push as soon as we are up to it.

The work does not stop by descending to the Base Camp, rather than after the descent we rush towards Lukla to make our return flight back. The price of the chopper ride seemed to be on the high side – so we decided to take the alternative; a two-day trek with a good pace.


All is well

Mika Pitkämäki
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