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Ascensio is Latin and means ascent. This site presents before, ongoing and after information about our challenge: to climb to the top of the world to Mount Everest. This project rises from the plateu of southern ostrobothnia (Finland), where the highest point reaches 231 meters above the sea level. The climbing team proves that it is possible to reach top of the Mt. Everest after 2,5 years independent practice even though members are not professional high altitude climbers but experienced and talented outdoor persons.

You can find tips about training and equipment on this site. Moreover, the site provides information on events, presentations and access to a photo galler.

Preparing Principles

Preparing is a 2,5-year long project which includes both technical and physical preparing. Psychological training is always included in tough condition training naturally. Each of us has tested physical baseline and each have own goals to reach before expedition. The team trains in northern Norway, the Alps and Finnish fells and therefore arctic and hostile environment is not new.

In addition to each team member's own training program, we have some highlights in preparing becoming challenge:

February 2008

Airborne ranger club of Finland Ice Climbing camp Olhava, Finland

March 2008

Freeride skiing mountain camp
Narvik, Norway

July 2008

Arctic Circle 24 adventure competition , 24h, 115 km
Rovaniemi, Finland

July 2008

Ice Climbing and trekking camp in Kebnekaise

August 2008

Adventure camp between Somasjärvi and Kaldoaivi Kayak paddling 56 km + 46 km XC cycling

October 2008

Freeride skiing Mountain Camp in Lyngen,
Lyngen, Norway

January 2009

Snow safety, equipment testing
Pallas, Finland

April 2009

Mountain camp in the Alps. Plan to reach 12 vertical ascent kilometers
Verbier, Chamonix, Switzerland

Summer 2009

Technical training and few competitions

September 2009

Visiting at the Everest base camp by feet

Winter 2009-2010

Equipment testing and physical finalizing

April, May 2010

Climbinbig to the top of Mt. Everest

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