Forecasts of forecasts 6/3/2022 10:50:55 AM

P5010232_thumb_EnnusteetEnnusteista_12052010.jpgWe woke up before 6 am to the sound of a helicopter. It tried to get higher (without any success) from the base camp in order to pick up a dead Russian climber from camp 2. Wind is very strong and seems to continue for some days. We anticipate that suitable weather for summit push could be around 23 May, but forecasts change almost on daily basis.  

Today early in the morning Sherpas were detaching bodies of some unfortunate climbers from the glacier and moving them to some place more appropriate. These climbers had tried summiting Everst quite a long time ago and bodies had moved along the glacier about 1 km / 4 yrs downwards  

There is a charity poker game at the camp today. Only Everest summiters are allowed to participate.  

Waiting, waiting, waiting.   Mika
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