Pokhara 6/3/2022 10:57:45 AM

We have left the burning sun and smog of Katmandu behind us and are heading towards the mountains. The number one festival of the year, Dashain, mixes up our schedule. People are celebrating or hope to be celebrating. Dashain equals Christmas in Christian cultures.
After intense negotiation with airport security personnel about bringing poles to the flight and 1 ½ hours delay we took off. We were warmly welcomed to the flight. Landing at recently paved runway and +29 fresh mountain air lifted our spirit.
Shangri La Hotel’s pool and chilled Everest beer made our day. After gear update at Lakeside trekking shop we enjoyed dinner with our local friends Ailsa and Ganga. We are giving in the sandman now and looking forward to starting our ascend to Annapurna.

Harri Majuri
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