Tengboche 3847m 6/3/2022 10:53:47 AM

AlamäestäYlämäkeen_IMG_1315_thumb.jpgI woke up almost soaking at 6.30 am and wondered what is going on. It took a while to understand that fever I got last night had gone and I had sweated a lot. The fever might have been body’s natural response to stomach flu I had gotten earlier. I thought about resting for one day to get rid of the flu, but finally I decided to continue with others but listen to my body and rest whenever necessary.
efore departure we took an admiring look at a 7-ton garbage pile which was behind the guest house. What’s in garbage to admire? Perhaps not in the garbage itself, but the work 2 previous EcoEverest expeditions’ Sherpas have done when bringing such a great amount of garbage back from the mountains. Garbage is mostly from camps 1 and 2. It cannot be said that Sherpas would do this because of earnings, compensation is 100 rupees/kg (1euro = ca. 94 rupees).   

Approximately at 10 am we had already gone the half of today’s trek. We had descended about 500 m to a valley between Chumjung and Tengboche and ascended 500 m after lunch. At 11 am it got windier, which got dry land’s dust swirling again around us.  

We arrived in Tengboche in time and visited a monk monastery during their afternoon prayer. History of the monastery dates back at least 350 years and the building has been renovated after 1989 fire. After the prayer we got back and saw Mt. Everest south summit for the first time, locating 5 km higher than we.

In the evening we enjoyed luxurious amount of 10 litre bathing water, which was welcome to wash away three days sweat and dust. Evenings are already routine: supper, one cold beer, no not really, instead of a cold drink we try to update the blog before retiring. Mika Pitkämäki
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