Testing, choices, pondering and practicing 6/3/2022 10:55:38 AM

IMG_0406_thumb.jpgYear 2010 begun with testing gears and training in cold temperatures. Arctic nature has shown its best with long cold period, temperatures varying from -20 to even -35 according to Suunto X10. Testing has taken place mostly in Ylläs fells and Rovaniemi surroundings, both offer versatile circumstances for testing.  We have been mostly skiing when testing the gear, which can be seen from our track diary. We have been able to train as planned and achieved targets we set us.

One important part of preparations is reading up on literature and researches on functioning at high altitudes and comparing research results to our physical performance. Mostly theoretical reading, but very interesting, see for example  Karinen, Tikkanan and Mustonen’s article on oxygen uptake http://www.lts.fi/filearc/193_s113-117_Karinen.pdf.  The average oxygen uptake of the sample group was 15ml/kg/min on the top of the Everest. Sample groups uptake at sea level altitude was 62 ml/kg/min. For example Mika’s maximum oxygen uptake is the same 62 ml/kg/min, so if everything goes well there are theoretical changes to reach the Everest using additional oxygen.

Only 7 more weekends to go. Mika Pitkämäki
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