Yak meat and other things of current interest 6/3/2022 10:51:20 AM

IMG_1571_Thumb_Jakinlihaa_070510.jpgHere we are in Periche, resting and filling our energy reserves. Fried yak meat and onions with local version of mashed potatoes was delicious and creates certain familiar feeling to this environment. Meal times determine rest day schedules and there no other compulsory things to do. We were thinking whether we leave for Dingbotche for a nice cup of coffee and buns or stay here and enjoy a 100% rest day and yak snacks instead of ½ hour walk. Both very tempting options.  

Kathmandu has been restless with Maoists marching on the streets and organizing a 6-day strike. There has been some shooting when local police has tried to calm the situation down, but the good news is that there has been no victims.  

We have a plenty of time here which often gives the imagination wings. As a result of Iceland’s volcano eruptions, and inspired by aviation blocking volcanic ash, we planned alternative route B in order to get back home, in case air spaces are shut at the time of our return.  

Plan B: Nepal still produces good old Royal Enfields (even in British race car green, wow!), which are very reasonably priced. Two of these, same amount of old leather helmets and a good selection of spear parts and we would be ready to the road. Our baggage weighs 100 kg, but no worries, we have learned excellent techniques how to pack by watching Sherpas. Then filling the petrol tank and at the maximum speed towards northwest to India. From there we would head through the ‘stan countries to Russia towards the eastern border of Finland. Border formalities may take a longer time, because we have no visas, but we are positive that everything works out. The journey would be of about 7500km of length and it would take 30 days if our average daily journey would be 250 km. By doing this we would arrive to Finland early July with classic bikes, which have been broken-in well.  

Well, let’s anyhow hope there are no volcanic eruptions and that planes keep flying.

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